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Creatures of The Dome  

Grays Wharf Studios, Penryn, Cornwall, July 2020

1 Month collaborative Residency & Exhibition with Olivia Brelsford-Massey 

Olivia and myself worked for two weeks within the space before finalising an installation, opening ceremony, performance, film screening, artist talk and Spice Workshop that ran for the final two weeks of July 2020.

The amalgamation of our separate practises 1 year after our collaborative degree show at Falmouth University fermented into an interactive landscape with specific curiosity on the domestic realm.


An exploration of plant magic/offerings and 'tools' in relation to culture, myth, magic, domes, vessels, dwellings, craft, domestic rituals, herbs, spices, ceremony, sacred objects, creatures, folklore, natural dye, DIY, plants, vegetable preserves, tradition, ancient wisdom, land and community. 


Activation Ceremony  

Grays Wharf Studios, Penryn, Cornwall, July 2020

Play and performance and film screening to activate and awaken the objects in the space on the opening night of the show. 

Spice Workshop 

Grays Wharf Studios, Penryn, Cornwall, July 2020

Mediative meeting with spices to deeper understand them as plants and less as commodities from a jar. We shared knowledge about how and where specific spices grow and medicinal/magical offerings they have to humans and the origin of folk lore and beliefs about each plant. Participants were left to their own devices making images and abstract expression on pieces of fabric. 

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