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Energy Marked 

'Energy Marked' Exhibition at The Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall.

January 22nd to January 27th, 2024


Energy Marked is an opportunity for myself and Rhona Francis to explore the parallels, symmetrical and irregular overlaps in their sculptural and tactile works. Emotive, tender themes such as pregnancy and the under-appreciated power of non-verbal communication is manifested through the mediums of ceramic, wood and naturally dyed textiles. Rhona and Maya agree that the body, both in its physical state and the sensations it offers them as individuals, plays a key role as a visual reference and guide in the process of making. The pure joy of creating with your own hands and the meandering paths of daily life are poured into this collection of works that collates hand built raku fired vessels, wood carvings in a multitude of organic forms and naturally dyed textile pieces.

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