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Spice Workshop 

April 2019

There lay a cloth dyed with a hint of turmeric and a selection of local herbs and imported spices. Colonialism allowed for such interactions to happen in the kitchen and exploration allowed for such interactions to occur collaboratively with no expected outcome. Participants were offered objects collected from the land to crush and grind the materials available with total freedom. They were also offered a lump of clay each to use at own will, if used at all. With all senses stimulated, participants flowed between moments of high energy and collective moments of silence where only their actions and breath were heard. They wove the sensual stimulation of substance from near and far, ignorant to the reverberation of globalisation, world wide exchange and the beauty of substance from other lands. 

A subtle heightening awareness strategy to slow down and reinterpret the value of imported plant matter.


The overall response of the workshop was that it felt like therapy or meditation joyously spent in company of others without pressure of expectation.

The clay objects made were fired and glazed by myself and Olivia Brelsford-Massey.


Bread Oven Building 

Through conversation, collective problem solving and discussion between glimmers of a sunset and sea breeze calling in the elements we built a bread oven on Pendennis Point, Falmouth, Cornwall. 

With a collection and variety of brick types, slate and focus on the process the initial structure of the oven collapsed and a huge piece of slate cracked under the heat which called for a quick removal of the bread and collective reassessment. Yet bread was made.

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